Stocks By Market Cap 2022

 Stocks by Market Cap

Market cap—or market capitalization—refers to  the total value of all company’s by multiplying the stock price by the number of stocks outstanding.

If you’re planning to  an investment you should First completely understand .Why is market capitalization such an important concept? By selecting right strategy designed  allows investors to help you  set  long-term financial goals.

Large-cap companies- Public Companies with a Market cap—or market capitalization above $10 billion or more refers Large-cap firms. investments in large-cap stocks may be considered more conservative than investments in small-cap or mid-cap stocks, potentially posing less risk in exchange for less aggressive growth potential.

Mid-cap companies-Public Companies with a Market cap—or market capitalization between $2 billion and $10 billion. Mid-cap stocks generally fall between large caps and small caps on the risk/return spectrum. Mid-caps may offer more growth potential than large caps, and less risk.

Small-cap companies- Public Companies with a Market cap of $300 million to $2 billion. small-cap stocks may offer significant growth potential to long-term investors who can tolerate volatile stock price swings in the short term.

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Top 25 Stocks By Market Cap 2021:

  Stocks by Market Cap  
Ticker Name Market Cap
MSFT Microsoft $1000.0B
AMZN Amazon $1000.0B
GOOGL Alphabet $1000.0B
AAPL Apple $1000.0B
FB Facebook $761.6B
TSLA Tesla $627.3B
BRK.A Berkshire Hathaway $531.9B
BRK.B Berkshire Hathaway $531.1B
V Visa $406.7B
WMT Walmart $406.0B
JNJ Johnson & Johnson $401.4B
JPM JPMorgan Chase $379.6B
PG Procter & Gamble $341.5B
MA Mastercard $335.0B
UNH UnitedHealth Group $323.4B
DIS Disney $314.5B
HD Home Depot $291.7B
PYPL PayPal Holdings $279.6B
BAC Bank Of America $259.2B
VZ Verizon $243.5B
ADBE Adobe $239.8B
CMCSA Comcast $230.5B
KO CocaCola $229.7B


What could impact a company’s market cap?

There are many factors that directly impact a company’s market cap. Significant changes in the value of company shares—either up or down— can  impact it, as could changes in the number of shares  company issued. As the exercise of the warrants is typically done below the market price of the shares, it could potentially impact the company’s market cap. 

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