The Monzo Mobile Banking App is an FDIC-insured account with a free debit card and zero fees that allows you to set savings goals, manage expenses, make payments, pay friends, and view all of your other bank accounts in one location.

Plus, when you register your phone number at this Monzo $20 Sign-Up Bonus Link, you can earn a $20 cash bonus when you sign up and spend $10 on your Monzo card (virtual or physical) at online or in-store merchants within your first 14 days.

This Monzo referral bonus offer is available to all new Monzo users in the U.S.A., but it may only be available for a limited time, as they switch their referral bonuses on a regular basis.

How To Get Monzo $20 Sign-Up Bonus

1. Register your mobile phone number via this Monzo $20 Referral Bonus Link to get started.

2. Use the same phone number that you registered with for the referral bonus when you download the Monzo App (iOS or Android) and create your free account.

3. Add at least $10 to your Monzo account via an ACH bank transfer, employer direct deposit, or debit card top-up (from another bank’s debit card or using P2P apps like Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, or Zelle).

4. Spend at least $10 on your Monzo card at any online merchants or in-store retail merchants within 14 days of account sign-up (virtual Monzo card is available for activation and use immediately).

5. Earn a $20 cash bonus deposited into your Monzo account within 7 business days after you complete the qualifying purchase.

About Monzo Mobile Banking

Monzo makes managing your money easy with an FDIC-insured deposit account, free Monzo debit card, and zero account fees.

Once you create your free Monzo account, you can immediately start spending on your Monzo virtual debit card, or wait for your physical card to arrive by mail.

To start spending or saving, you can fund your Monzo account with an ACH bank transfer, debit card top-up, or direct deposit from your employer.

With Monzo, your money is FDIC insured for up to $250,000 through Sutton Bank, member FDIC, which also issues the Monzo Mastercard Debit Card.

If you want to make managing your money simple, you can view all of your other banks in the Monzo App, so that you can easily track your income, spending, and savings.

In addition, you can use Monzo to set savings goals, keep track of your spending, manage your expenses, and make on-time payments.

By keeping your savings goals separate from your other deposits, you can reach them easier by setting aside money automatically from each paycheck or rounding up your Monzo debit card payments to the nearest dollar to save a little extra with each purchase.

Each time you spend on your Monzo debit card, you’ll get instant spending notifications and a balance that’s updated in real time, so that you can always track your spending accurately.

You can also add all of your expenses to the Monzo App, such as rent and utilities, so that you can set aside money for them and know when your bills are paid on time.

Your Monzo account is absolutely free, as there are no monthly fees, no account minimums, no overdraft fees, no ATM fees at 40,000 fee-free ATMs, no transfer fees, no account inactivity fees, and no foreign exchange conversion fees.

Monzo App $20 Refer-A-Friend Bonuses

Through the Monzo Referral Program, both the referrer and referee will earn a $20 cash bonus each when the referee opens a Monzo account, activates the Monzo debit card, and spends at least $10 using the Monzo card at either online merchants or in-store retail merchants.

To refer your friends to Monzo, tap the gift icon at the top of the home screen in the app, where you can share your unique referral link with your friends.

In order to qualify, your referrals must enter a mobile phone number to accept your invitation, and then they have 14 days to: download the Monzo app, apply for a Monzo account, add money to the account, activate the Monzo debit card, and spend at least $10 on the Monzo card.

Eligible ways to add money for the purposes of the Monzo referral promotion include ACH bank transfers, employer direct deposits, and debit card top-ups using another bank’s debit card or P2P apps like Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, or Zelle.

For the purposes of the Monzo referral promotion, you may not qualify by adding money through Monzo instant transfers with friends, Monzo account to account transfers, wire transfers, cash deposits, check deposits, or cryptocurrency transfers.

To be an eligible purchase that qualifies for the referral bonus, the referee must spend at least $10 on the Monzo debit card at online merchants or in-store retail merchants, which can be done by using your card number to make an online purchase, swiping or tapping your card in-person at a store, or adding your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and tapping your phone at a merchant that accepts mobile payments.

Purchases that do not qualify include P2P transfer apps like Cash App, Venmo, Apple Cash, etc., cryptocurrency transactions, ATM transactions, gift cards, gambling sites, Monzo instant transfers with friends, transactions made using your account/routing number, and transfers to linked bank accounts.

There is no limit to how many friends you can refer to Monzo or the amount of referral bonuses that you can earn, but the referral bonus is only available in the U.S.A. (not UK), and they do change their referral promotions regularly, so this is a limited-time offer.

Check out the Monzo Mobile Banking App to get a $20 bonus with your new Monzo debit card, plus earn unlimited $20 bonuses for referring your friends to start managing money with the Monzo App.

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