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Best Financial Advisors NYC 2021

(New york city )


FINDING the Best Financial Advisors IN NYC (NEW YORK CITY) IN 2022 WITH THE AFFORDABLE BEST FEE is a challenging undertaking . In fact, new york know as their financial advisor won’t work with you unless you’re wealthy. We’re here to help you . Our team investapple  picks best financial advisors of nyc and most reliable after narrowed down the vast array of firms in New York

The list of NYC advisors below consists of experienced financial planners who have crafted their businesses with us in mind 

Here is list of most reliable review of Best Financial Advisors In NYC of 2022:

Rank Best Financial Advisors in NYC Best For
1 Silvercrest Asset Management Group, LLC
  • Financial planning services 
2 Cerity Partners, LLC
  • Tax services
  • Bill pay
3 Rockefeller Capital Management
  • Accounting
  • Family office services
  • Information management services
4 Bone Fide Wealth, LLC
  • consulting
  • Reliability
5 Altfest Personal Wealth Management
  • Financial planning
  • Broad expertise

Julie Ford, Founder of Solutions

  • Complex goals
  • Portfolio management
7 Earn Into Wealth Strategies
  • Financial behavior coaching
8 Drucker Wealth Management’s Wealth Builder Division
  • Wealth-building
  • Investment consulting
9  Brooklyn Plans LLC Women in their 20s to early 40s
10 Stash Wealth Innovative approach
11 Vanguard Personal Advisor Service
  • Retirement
  • Partner with an advisor
  • Investor education
12 Betterment Premium
  • Retirement
  • General Investing
13 Facet Wealth
  • Financial planning 
  • Portfolio management
14 Harness Wealth
  • Financial Planning 
  • Tax Strategy 
  • Estate Planning 
15 Personal Capital
  • Long-term Financial Planning
  • Money

#1 best financial advisors in nyc

Silvercrest Asset Management Group LLC was founded in April 2002 as an independent, employee-owned registered investment adviser. With offices in New York, Boston, Virginia and New Jersey, Silvercrest provides traditional and alternative investment advisory and family office services to wealthy families and select institutional investors. As of September 30, 2020 the firm reported assets under management of $24.4 billion.

overall Rating
  • Asset requirements: No minimum asset or investment requirement.
  • Silvercrest Asset Management Group Background

    Silvercrest Asset Management LLC was founded in 2001, but its managing directors average about 30 years of wealth management experience. The firm handles issues including business succession planning, estate and tax planning and investing for retirement. It also works with family foundations and endowments, and helps clients diversify from concentrated stock holdings or privately held assets.

  • Assets Under Management


  • Number of Advisors


  • Time in Business

Founded in 2001

  • Fee Structure


Office Location

1330 Avenue of the Americas

38th Floor

New York, NY 10019




#2 best financial advisors in nyc

Comprehensive Financial Management for Individuals, Businesses and Nonprofits Independent fiduciary advice driven by our unique goals. Cerity Partners, LLC serve  Our Preserve, Grow and Protect Your Wealth Now and for Generations to Come integrated solutions connect your current financial landscape to your future while simplifying the day-to-day management of your finances.

A Collaborative Team Focused on You

Their advisors utilize their experience and expertise  that of their colleagues to develop and execute the best solutions for your complex personal and professional financial situations. Their  team help you achieve your vision for tomorrow. includes services :

  • Financial planners
  • Tax advisors
  • Investment professionals
  • Retirement plan consultants


overall Rating

Asset required :

2000000 $

Services offered:

Family Office Services

you can Enjoy the benefits of a family office without the cost and effort of maintaining one.

360° Financial Planning and Cash Flow Analysis

they help you Comprehensive wealth management that touches and integrates each aspect of your financial life

Executive Financial Counseling

help you to Comprehensive wealth management for your entire financial life

Innovative Estate and Gift Planning

Leave your legacy as you intended for your family, your business and your charities

Forward-Thinking Tax Planning Services

Comprehensive tax planning and compliance—because life is more than a tax form

Coordinated Risk Management and Insurance Planning Services

Protecting the life you and your family have worked so hard to build

Goal-Centered Investment Management

Building portfolios that balance return with a level of risk that won’t keep you up at night

Business Owner Advisory Services

Comprehensive transition planning to help make your company – and you – transaction ready

Marital Financial Planning

Preparing your financial life for whatever marriage may bring

Assets Under Management


Number of Advisors


Time in Business

Founded in 2009

Fee Structure


Office Location

335 Madison Avenue

23rd Floor

New York, NY 10017


#3 best financial advisors in nyc

Rockefeller Capital Management is an advisory firm that started out managing the wealth of John D. Rockefeller, considered to be the wealthiest person in American history.

Rockefeller Capital Management, a fee-based firm, requires varying minimums depending on account type and strategy. The firm’s client base includes individuals, high-net-worth individuals, pooled investment vehicles, charitable organizations, corporations, pension plans, investment companies, banking institutions, government entities, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds.

overall Rating

Asset required :

No minimum asset or investment requirement.

Services offered:

  • To be trusted advisors in navigating the complexities of families and wealth. To be singularly dedicated to tailoring our services around our clients and their dynamic family needs.We are confidantes, counselors and navigators.
  • Assets Under Management


    Number of Advisors


    Time in Business

    Founded in 1980

    Fee Structure


    Office Location

    45 Rockefeller Plaza

    Fifth Floor

    New York, NY 10111



#4 best financial advisors in nyc

Bone Fide Wealth equips our clients with the tools they need to approach today’s reality and succeed. Their brokers interested only in managing your assets and what products they can  sell you. Best financial services provide by their brokers are 

overall Rating
  • Asset requirements: No minimum asset or investment requirement.

Services offered:



Annual financial plans start at $1,950; and based on investment type and services .


Meet the NYC-based expert advisors who lead high-powered, hard working professionals to even greater financial success.

Financial Advisor | President
Vice President
Best Financial Advisors in NYC

#5 best financial advisors in nyc

Altfest Personal Wealth Management (“Altfest”) is a fee-only Investment Adviser registered with the Securities and
Exchange Commission (“SEC”).fees differ to determine which type of service is right for you.As an investment adviser, Altfest can provide you with comprehensive wealth management services in which we manage
your individually tailored investment portfolio.

TOP 100 INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISORS IN THE NATIONBarron’s, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Dr. Lewis Altfest



overall Rating
  • Asset requirements: While the firm generally requires a minimum account size of $1 million, this qualification is waived for young professionals.


  • Lew Altfest’s Original Vision

    Lew Altfest set out to make a comprehensive and truly objective approach to wealth management with a personal touch. It has remained constant and at the heart of what we do.

    As a firm, we frequently are recognized nationwide for our insights and long-running stewardship of clients’ assets and best interests.

  • Altfest Personal Wealth Management

445 Park Avenue | 6th Floor | New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212.406.0850 Toll-free: 1.888.525.8337


#6 best financial advisors in nyc

Ford Financial Solutions is a New York State Registered Investment Advisor. They actually managing investments, we provide investment advice to clients (including specific investment recommendations across all accounts) as part of our comprehensive financial planning services. 

they navigate you and your family by Building a household, saving for college, juggling two careers or transitioning to one — family brings competing financial priorities. they also introduce two type of online courses ESSENTIALS for YOUNG PROFESSIONALS and MERGE for  couples that will help you create a personalized  and merge financial plan and equip you to orient your money around what matters to you most and achieve your goals.    


Founder & Lead Financial Planner


Financial Planner & Director of Operations

overall Rating

Asset requirements: 

No minimum asset or investment requirement

Financial services 

  • Financial independence and flexibility

  • Career changes and sabbaticals

  • Retirement and early retirement

  • Buying a home or relocating

  • College

  • Transitioning to parenthood


priced into the ongoing, flat monthly fee for comprehensive planning, so we do not charge a separate fee (such as a percentage of assets under management).



#7 best financial advisors in nyc

This is Comprehensive Financial Planning + Investment Management. Help to establish your investment account and recurring contributions. Easy CONSULTATION​
Book a 30-min discovery call to discuss your goals, concerns, and see if it’s a fit.

 Your interests come first at all times! Not every advisor can say that.FIDUCIARY (Your interests come first at all times! Not every advisor can say that)

Kaya Ladejobi,



overall Rating


Asset requirements: No minimum asset or investment requirement.

 Financial services 

College Savings
– Real Estate Investing
– Stock Options/Compensation
– Starting a Business
– Major Purchase
– Career Change
– Alternative Investing


Hourly Advice: 30-minute session for $200 or a one-hour session for $400; Ongoing Financial Planning & Investment Management: starting at $6,000 annually ($500 monthly) for a single, W-2 earner. A one-time set-up fee applies for new clients.

Location :


#8 best financial advisors in nyc

Drucker Wealth approach things a little differently.  If you’re looking for someone to sell you a product or tell you everything will be ok (even if it’s not…) we’re probably not the right team for you. As a third-generation financial firm, we’re dedicated to helping you build, protect and preserve your wealth through comprehensive, holistic financial planning and investment management in New York City. 

Gideon Drucker,


overall Rating
  • Asset requirements: No minimum assets or investments; However, Wealth Builder clients (young professionals) typically have an income level over $100,000 and the capacity to save $1,000+ each month.
  • Services offered: Financial Life Plan™ (includes Tax Management Planning, Goal Based Financial Planning Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Protection Planning Analysis, Personal Risk 
  • fees

  •  Drucker Wealth Management charges a $2,000 one-time planning fee for clients age 29 and under; “

#9 best financial advisors in nyc

BKP is an organization dedicated to helping today’s women move forward through strategic planning. Kristen Euretig, CFP® founded Brooklyn Plans to meet the financial needs of today’s women by taking them by the hand to deliver personalized financial plans, money management classes and investment advisory services.  

Kristen Euretig,


overall Rating
  • Asset requirements: No minimum assets or investments.

Services offered :

  • Brooklyn Plans LLC helps today’s women take control of their finances through personalized financial plans, classes and investment management.
  • fees: Initial 30-minute consultations with Kristen range from $49 to $59; Kristen’s signature service, the Game Plan, costs $650 one-time + $225 per month for individuals and $950 one-time + $395 per month for couples (for a one-year term).
  • Cont
  • 41 Schermerhorn St. #1091 

    Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Tel: (917)-727-6497

#10 best financial advisors in nyc

Work virtually with a dedicated financial planner to refine and put purpose behind your financial life.

The specifics. From what it would look like to retire 10 years earlier than you thought you could, to the best way to pay down your $100k in student loans, to how your 401(k) should be allocated, to whether or not you can afford a Tesla, and everything in between.





overall Rating
  • Asset requirements: no minimum assets or investments are required for the MoneyMASTERED™ course or the Stash Plan®; clients need $90,000 in minimum investable assets for Stash Management
  • Services offered: Financial Planning (includes Estate Planning & Prenups, Accounting & Tax Preparation, Mortgages & Lending Solutions, Insurance & Protection Strategies, Legal Support for Start-Ups, and more).
  • Fees:
  • $247; Stash Plan®  two one-hour virtual meetings with your dedicated financial planner; A little – $1497 for individuals and $1997 for couples; Stash Management™ – Your first $90,000 of investable assets  is billed at a flat fee of minimum $90/month, or 1.2% per year

#11 best financial advisors in nyc

Vanguard is client-owned. As a client-owner, you own the funds that own Vanguard. Whatever you’re saving for, Vanguard can help Because of Vanguard’s structure, your goals align with our goals. Whether you’re saving for retirement, your family’s education, or a sense of financial security, you can be confident we’re on your side. They help you in  Education Choose a 529 college savings plan that can give your child or grandchild the best chance for success. Not just this they Invest in Vanguard mutual funds and ETFs for just a fraction of what others charge.

overall Rating

Vanguard makes easy.

IRAs and 401(k) & 403(b) rollovers they help students for relly less fee in their education to Choose a 529 college savings plan that can give your child or grandchild the best chance for success.

Vanguard 529 Plan

State-specific plans

UGMA/UTMA accounts


#12 best financial advisors in nyc

their mission is to provide the best possible answer to that question. From the cash you spend today to the money you save for tomorrow and beyond, your money is a connection to the things you want and the life you want to live.

When everyone has that answer, more people will be financially well and free to pursue happiness in their own way.

There’s more responsibility on all of us to make our money work. they have thousands of investing and retirement options, not to mention all the ways to save and spend money. they  engage with dozens of financial companies with little to no guidance on how we should do so.

overall Rating
  • they  grounded in a few simple principles. Everyone should have access to good, fiduciary guidance—not just the wealthy among us. Financial technology, which has lagged behind other industries, can provide that access, while making money better. Most importantly, financial services should center itself around people, and build solutions for their lives.
  • contact 

  • Corporate office mailing address

    Betterment LLC
    8 W. 24th Street, 6th Floor
    New York, NY 10010
  • Help with investing and general inquiries
    Available via phone
    (646) 600-8263
    [email protected]

#13 best financial advisors in nyc

At Facet, you work with a dedicated CFP® Professional – not a call center – on what’s important to you. We provide a complimentary goal setting and financial analysis session with a CFP® Professional to make sure we understand how we can help you.
All of our service levels include:

Financial planning supported by a sound investment strategy, not the other way around

Our promise to work on the goals that are important to you

overall Rating


We seek to show the world — our clients, the financial services industry, and ourselves — what is possible
with the next generation of financial life management. The tools that we build and the services that
we provide tangibly improve people’s lives.

Contact :

Headquartered in the heart of

Baltimore, MD

Main Line

Media Inquiries
[email protected]

#14 best financial advisors in nyc

The Harness Wealth Council is a group of accomplished executives, academics, and policy makers. Their collective experience forms the basis of our screening process for our firms and helps us stay ahead of the the curve to meet your needs.. Harness Wealth helps you find the services and firms you need to reach your financial goals in a holistic way. Curated financial, tax, and trust & estate firms

overall Rating

Services Offered 

  • Financial Planning and Investment Management
    Your financial future — and financial present — depends on savvy management. 

  • Tax Strategy and Planning
    Expertise in the complexities of tax strategy and planning is essential to maximizing your income and wealth.

  • Planning for the future can be daunting.

  • COntact :

  • Best Financial Advisors in NYCUnited States

    41 East 11th Street, 11th Floor
    New York, NY, 10003
    (646) 586-5427

#15 best financial advisors in nyc

At Personal Capital, our people are at the heart of us being named a top place to work for the fifth year in a row. Our employees create a great place to work for each other by living by our values of trust, innovation, and leading the movement to create better financial lives.

they helps empower investors to achieve their financial goals by combining award-winning technology with fiduciary advisory services to deliver truly personal and data-driven wealth management solutions. Interested in joining the movement? Join us today!

overall Rating

Invest with logic.Plan with hearttheir aim are to Create Budgets, track your spending and save for the future. Our money management tools can help you meet your day-to-day goals.

#16 best financial advisors in nyc

About Edward Jones

Edward Jones, a FORTUNE 500 firm, provides financial services in the U.S. and through its affiliate in Canada. The firm’s nearly 19,000 financial advisors serve more than 8 million clients with a total of $1.7 trillion in client assets under care. Edward Jones’ purpose is to partner for a positive impact to improve the lives of its clients and colleagues, and together, better our communities and society. Through the dedication of the firm’s 50,000 associates and our branch presence in 68 percent of U.S. counties, the firm is committed to helping more people achieve financially what is most important to them. The Edward Jones website is and its recruiting website is Member SIPC.

they helps empower investors to achieve their financial goals by combining award-winning technology with fiduciary advisory services to deliver truly personal and data-driven wealth management solutions. Interested in joining the movement?

Edward Jones Delivers Financial Advisor Flexibility and Choice with Teaming Options

overall Rating

Edward Jones Among Fortune 500 for 10th Consecutive Year This year, the firm ranks No. 303

The list of NYC advisors above consists of experienced financial planners

They’re Certified Financial Planners®

All of the advisors on this list are registered Certified Financial Planners® (CFP®). 

Additionally, these advisors are all recognized as industry leaders and have been featured in multiple high-profile publications. 

What questions should you ask a financial advisor?

No matter where you choose to search for a potential financial advisor, here are some general questions to help you find a good match.

  • Are you a CFP® professional? What other certifications, if any, do you have?
  • Are you a fiduciary?
  • How are you compensated for your services?
  • Do you require a minimum income or asset level?
  • What is your educational and professional background?
  • Who is your primary clientele?
  • What is your investment philosophy?
  • Summary

    Money is a powerful part of your everyday life, and, in this time of life especially, your are facing a variety of important financial decisions.

     Where should I invest my money, and how do you even get started? 

    This is why financial advisors can be such invaluable assets. They help you budget, prepare a thorough estate plan, diversify investments, navigate taxes, and more. But ultimately, these advisors can help you pursue and attain financial health.


Most frequent questions and answers

Financial Advisors made from $57,780  to $154,480 per year .

You may hard to decide between hiring an financial advisor or  accountant for  your financial planne.

To understand the difference, it helps to know the primary services provide by each kind of adviser .

Some services a financial advisor can help you with include best :

  • Creating a budget and getting out debt
  • Saving for college
  • Planning for retirement
  • Making the best investments
  • Insurance planning
  • Estate planning

some services which accountent help you best are

  • Own your own business
  • Make more than $300,000
  • Plan to leave an inheritance to your children
  • Own rental properties
  • Anticipate receiving a large capital gain

that there are estimates  financial advisors in the us  just over 300,000 .

The financial advisor career is  a among the good business jobs and best-paying jobs, according to U.S.

As we consider artificial intelligence,  but its to hard to tell about fact may or may not financial advisor will replaced by robot but sure about  not for next few years .

A financial advisor is focused mainly on managing relationships with clients and investors while  financial analyst is responsible for researching and assessing the performance of a business and othere services.

There are currently an estimated 290,900 financial advisors in the United States. The financial advisor demand market is expected to grow by 14.9% between 2016 and 2026.

financial planners may trade in stock on behalf of their clients, just like stockbrokers, 

financial advisor make more than a million in  usa per year .

financial advisor make more than a million in  usa per year .

Financial Advisor salary in New York, NY

Average base salary


To become a financial advisor in NYC (New York), you’ll need to register an independent investment adviser (IA) firm or secure employment as an investment adviser representative (IAR) with an established New York-registered IA. As a proprietor of a state level IA, you’ll operate under the regulatory authority of the New York Office of the Attorney General, Investor Protection Bureau. If you qualify for federal registration, you’ll register with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

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